small furniture & shelves

We are happy to offer these unique Nordic shelves and small tables that are just as attractive as they are functional. Do you have something that deserves to be showcased? There is no better shelf than these to show off your wares. Of course, these shelves are so beautiful that they look good empty as well – they are works of art on their own.

Small Designer Furniture & Shelves

Bring style into your home with the lovely small furniture options and shelves from Nordic Design Collective. Each piece is a work of art and at the same time a functional home furnishing. The designers that offer these beautiful pieces are well skilled in the art of making furniture, which you can easily appreciate when you take a look at the options available.

The materials used to build the products that you see here are all of very high quality. Some are treated plywood, some are made from various hardwoods, and others are made from metal. Each one gives off a feeling of quality for both sight and touch. They are sturdy and stylish, qualities that do not often go together.

When looking at the options in this category, it is easy to see that the designers are also artists. Each piece has its own identity, and would become an important aesthetic feature in any home or office. In fact, many of these items would not even need to be used as intended, as they can function perfectly well as works of art in their own right.

Imagine the kinds of things that you would put on a shelf that has its own personality. Of course, it would make anything look great, but if you were to find the perfect thing to put on display, a shelf like this would make anything museum-worthy.

The quality of craftsmanship found in these items is truly impressive, and by installing them in your home, you are bringing in a work of art as well. The materials used to make these products are top-notch, which means that the beauty that comes with them is sure to last for a very long time. Bring one home today and enjoy the artistic expression of our independent designers.