various for the kids

Here you’ll find a variety of products for kids, everything from plates, bowls and hanger to toys and prints in unique designs and bright colours. The designs by our talented Scandinavian designers are both cute and elegant and just as suitable for playful adults as for children!

Various products for the kids

In this category we have gathered a range of clever and fun products aimed at children of all ages. You’ll find everything from practical products for everyday use to material that will help your child learn whilst also having fun. The products in this category also make excellent gifts for young children – and their parents.

Durable and fun Scandinavian designs

At Nordic Design Collective, we pride ourselves to offer unique items meant to last. Our talented Scandinavian designers create high quality products in bright colours and adorable designs. Many of the products are carefully hand crafted and much thought is put into the selection of materials. Not only is it of high quality, but is in most cases also sustainable and made from environmentally friendly compounds. The ‘papermals’ are made from FSC-certified paper, for example, helping you shop with a good conscience. Thanks to the high quality, our products last long and can either be inherited by siblings or kept and displayed as beloved childhood toys.

In this category you’ll also find products aimed to help children learn while playing, such as prints with animal alphabets. These are perfect for encouraging children to learn their letters in a fun and relaxed way. Products such as the ‘papermals’ encourage creativity and allow anyone to construct their own paper animal.

Perfect gifts

Regardless of whether you are looking for something for your own children or for a gift for young relatives or the children of friends, you will find something in this category. The designers we cooperate with have developed truly inspirational, beautiful and useful products that any child – or parent – will be happy to receive.