Originals by Tvinkla

Johanna Svantesson is the person behind Tvinkla. Right now her series of baby animals and "power animals" are available here on Nordic Design Collective. All the products are available with a letter on. The perfect gift for the newborn baby or as wedding gift.

My name is Johanna Svantesson and I run the company Tvinkla since 2011. A lot of people ask me where the name Tvinkla comes from. It’s a mixture of several Swedish words for hesitate, tilt, twist, and above all, it has its basis in the word "Twinkle". For me, the art and illustrations I do should be something that will brighten the everyday life, it should “tvinkla". The motto is "personal art to the people."
My latest illustrations are now available here at Nordic Design Collective and consists of a series of baby animals in different formats. It is possible to get your own letter on the images, making them even more personal. Not sure what to buy as a wedding gift? Buy an animal and the couple's letters, such as "J+D" (Johanna + David).
A popular product has been "the power animal". A letter on the animal's chest and a superhero mantle makes the picture the perfect gift for the newborn baby.
Floating black ink is currently my best friend, but I also love color. Stay tuned for news to come!

Please, place your order before December 19 to be sure you get it before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!