Photoart by Havsglas Sverige

Havsglas - trash to treasure.

Where do they come from?

My business idea came to me when I was walking along the beach searching for treasures from the sea.
I love to think about sea glass being objects once lost to the sea, smashed and then polished by the waves and the sand for many years and finally being flushed up on the beach again - transformed by the sea.
Nature is the designer, I collect the pieces, wash them and turn them into unique jewelry together with pure silver or cotton string .

I also have a collection named The Catch, with jewelry and hanging vases, inspired by old glass floaters.

You can also buy my photo posters, with motives inspired by the sea and nature.

My name is Maria Meissner Berg, I used to be a teacher and I still work as a museum educator sometimes.
As a designer I´m self taught, I´ve always liked to work with my hands.
All items are handmade in my workshop in the countryside of southern Sweden.

When you buy a product from Havsglas you contribute to a cleaner sea, I donate a part of the profit to organizations working towards an improvement of the sea environment.