Future Days

Future Days is a design studio based in Malmö, Sweden, that makes interior details in futuristic shapes and vibrant colours.

In the year 2015, Kim Walltin quit his job as a packaging designer for Tetra Pak and started the design studio Future Days.

- I have always been hooked on postmodernism, and there are many fine buildings in this style in Malmö. Future Days came to life when I started to publish pictures of these buildings on instagram with the tag #modernaposten. I felt I wanted more and began to portray these postmodern impressions in the form of paper sculptures.
- 1987, in the midst of postmodernism’s reign, when Swatch and MTV helped to shape popular cultures expression, I discovered the world of skateboarding and became completely blown to pieces by the idiom in this graphic design world. Both the deconstructed, life-affirming attitude and strong expression as well as skateboarding has followed me ever since.

The first product that was put into production is a series of paper sculptures that are hand numbered, folded by hand without glue and printed locally in Malmö on FSC and Svanen certified paper.

The inspiration for the color palettes comes from Malmö’s postmodern buildings, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s early collections, Chelsea and Swingin’ London in the 60’s, Los Angeles, as the Doobie Brothers sang about it in the 70’s and Italian 80s as seen through the eyes of Pet Shop Boys, with a Swatch watch on your wrist.

- With Future Days I want to try combine design and crafts. By being my own producer and to create locally produced series of hand folded and numbered objects along with the occasional completely handmade and unique pieces of art, I want to approach a more environmentally sustainable approach to interior design. We all need to consume less and more wisely for our continued world.

Future Days