Cactusmania by AnnaCarin Isaksson

Photographer AnnaCarin Isaksson sells exclusive photographic prints. They are beautiful picture landscape with a melancholic saltiness. Frame as a timeless interior decor and create your own world.

Me, AnnaCarin Isaksson born in Skara is active photographer in Västra Götaland with the base in Gothenburg.

I trained as a photojournalist at Nordens fotoskola Biskop-Arnö because I wanted to work for a major news magazine.
Whirl  around with my big camera in a jeep and meet the community. Listen to their stories, great and small, and portraying them in a light of wondrous adventure. This is what I get to do when I work for the provincial press.
Unglamorous and dirty!  An acquaintance with both the ordinary, and the extraordinary, these are perhaps my favorite moments as a photographer, giving me access to the rural backwaters and the enchanting life stories told by its inhabitants.

This is where I am today:
A passionate freelance photographer who welcomes both large and small projects with enthusiasm and curiosity. My strength as a photographer is my flair for creating striking portraits with a presence and character, as well as being an expressive and illustrative editorial photographer.

My new passion is to share with you my world, this is why I began making exclusive photographic prints for sale. It feels like a craft for me and I love the meeting with people who like what I do and want to have my photos at home.

What inspires me is art, obscurities, the in-betweens, music, theater, talks, people, a glass of red wine on the veranda on a hot summer night, pajama-dancing to Billie Holiday, nature, love and cities.