50x70cm by Details by M.

Details by M – Photo art designed to highlight the dynamics in every room, yet always focused on the interplay between the esthetics and the emotional impact. With great passion for design and interior decoration, the artist behind Details by M, Maria Bäckström, fully indulge in her creations from vision to reality, with exquisite attention to every detail. Details that matters.


I am Maria, the M in Details by M.

My creative passion lies within photo art and the emotions that I want my work to express. I had a dream about starting my own company and selling my art, and in 2013 I created my own brand - Details by M.

The vision was to create expressive photo art by using strong contrasts rather than colors, combined with soft shapes and harmonic patterns. Our inspiration comes from the best designer ever – the nature. With its pure simplicity and remarkable details. That is what Details by M is all about.

We always have our customers in focus, hence delivering the highest quality and best service possible. When you buy a product from Details by M, we want it to be an experience. For us it is all about the details.

Kind regards,
Maria Bäckström
Details by M.