personalised art

Are you looking for a customised print after your specifications? Here you will find print on demand posters and paintings that are produced according to your wishes. You'll find personal portraits of your family, posters that reminds you of memorable days in your life such as a name plaque for the christening or a memory of your wedding day.

Personalized Art with Nordic Style

The only thing better than art, is personalized art. Even better still is personalized art with a Nordic influence made by Scandinavian artists, which is exactly what we can offer at Nordic Design Collective. When we say personalized, that is exactly what we mean. You are able to choose a theme and add elements to it to make it yours. What could be better?

There are many different types of personalized art from which to choose. Your choice will depend on your situation, your style, your preferences, and the occasion you have chosen to celebrate. There are options, such as posters, cards, stamps, and small and large prints for your desk or your wall. Each one of these options can be personalized. This means that you can add letters, names, faces and special dates to the piece of art that you choose. Regardless of the option you decide to take home, you can rest assured that you will be buying something that is truly unique. You are consigning an artist to design a work of art that is one of a kind and especially for you or for someone you are gifting. You will also be amazed at the affordable prices of these unique creations.

Imagine that you are bringing a new baby into the world and you would like to let all of your friends know that he or she has finally arrived. What would be better to tell them than a custom-made card with your baby’s name? Having an anniversary? How about having you and your partner’s favourite photo turned into a stamp? Better still, you could have a new poster designed for your living room with personal information describing you and your loved ones. The possibilities are endless and whatever you choose is sure to compliment your room and house, and be a unique statement.