tote bags

Whether you are looking for a tote bag with a simple pattern, a complex pattern, or one with funny writing, you will find the perfect tote bag for you here. These tote bags, created by talented Scandinavian designers, are a perfect gift for friends or relatives as well as a fun and practical gift for yourself.

Tote Bags for All Your Needs

Express yourself with the help of practical tote bag! In this category you’ll find a number of witty and stylish tote bags that are great for carrying everything from books to groceries. At Nordic Design Collective, we work with carefully selected independent Scandinavian designers who are not afraid to mix classic Nordic design with a healthy dose of attitude. Whether you like realistic nature prints, funky squirrels or sarcasm, you will find what you’re looking for here.

High quality tote bags

A good tote bag should last you a long time and therefore our designers have taken particular care when selecting the materials. In this category you will find bags made from 100 % cotton and in many cases this cotton is also eco-friendly, meaning you can use your stylish bag with a good conscience. When looked after properly, these sturdy bags can be used over and over again. They were also designed with customer comfort in mind, as most of the bags have long handles. This makes it easy to carry them on your shoulder.

A tote bag that is uniquely yours

The vast selection of stylish patterns and designs available are screen-printed or hand printed onto the tote bags. Therefore, due to the fact that different computers will reproduce colours somewhat differently and the fact that it is always difficult to replicate the same shades of colours when hand printing, the colours which appear on each individual tote bag might vary ever so slightly. This printing process makes every tote bag slightly unique: no two tote bags are the same. Your bag is characteristically yours.

Tote bags have many uses and can be used as beach bags, shopping bags, gym bags, work bags, weekend bags, or school bags to name but a few uses. To put it another way, tote bags can be used however you wish. The tote bags here at Nordic Design Collective come in comfortable sizes that allow you to fit whatever you need for a day out in only one bag.