Sport one of our scarves and make a style statement with minimum effort. Everything is available in beautiful Nordic designs.

Scarves for Style and Function

There are few accessories that are as multifunctional as scarves. When the weather is cold, wrap them around your neck to keep warm. If the sun’s out, you can fix them over your head or over a shoulder for protection. They can be used as a stylised accessory to make any attire memorable. Whatever the role, scarves fit the bill with admirable ease. That is why we offer a section featuring scarves with unique designs and stunning materials.

Style, Function, Fashion

Our designers bring to you some of the finest selections that represent the very best in Scandinavian design work. Each scarf has been carefully designed to look and feel like a premium fashion accessory. We have a selection of styles that range from floral motifs to old school charm.

Colour My Scarf

There are black and white details imprinted on fine cotton and silk that can be worn with any outfit. They will never look out of place in a formal or casual setting. There are exotic designs that experiment with colours and motifs. On some, you can find a collage of random images scattered on the material; on others you can find a common theme that binds the images together. Both selections offer different sensibilities. Choose which one works best for you.

The designers at Nordic Design Collective have focused on creating a rich template of colour and imagery. This allows our scarves to stand apart from all the rest, which will enable you to make an effortless style statement.

Upgrade Your Look

Our collection consists of the trendy patterns and beautiful motifs that will definitely upgrade your look and style. The premium quality and make of our accessories ensures that long-lasting wear without losing any sheen or colour.