mobile accessories

If you are looking for a bright, stylish, updated, and colourful case that will protect your phone from daily wear and tear, then this is where you’ll find it. These cases, made by independent Nordic designers, also make ideal gifts for friends and family ‒ choose between a number of unique offerings.

Stylish Mobile Accessories

Express your interest in design in all your accessories – including your smartphone. Your smartphone might be your most important accessory – it comes with you everywhere, helps you manage everyday tasks and is a piece of beautiful design in and of itself. Why not choose mobile accessories that enhance and complement this design? Here at Nordic Design Collective we’re proud to offer you a wide selection of beautifully designed cases and other mobile accessories that allow you to put your own personal touch on your phone.

Scandinavian designs protecting your phone

The cases that are available at Nordic Design Collective come in an array of bright colours and patterns that will keep your phone looking stylish whilst protecting it at the same time. Some of the designs have been hand-drawn or hand-painted by the Scandinavian designers. The cases are made out of hard plastic and they clip on snugly to the back and sides of the phone. This hard plastic makes the cases more durable and helps provide more protection for your phone. They are lightweight and slim fit, so when the phone is in your pocket you will barely notice that you have a case attached. However, when your phone is out in the open, you and everyone else around can admire beautiful geometric patterns or illustrations inspired by nature.

Match with other accessories

In this category you will find work by several designers who also create other types of accessories. This means you can easily match your phone case with a scarf or bag. If you like a particular pattern, chances are that is also available as some form of decor – a poster, a tray, a cutting board or something else. Simply click on a design you like to find out what other products are available from that particular designer. We choose to work with talented, independent Nordic designers that draw inspiration from nature as well as the long tradition of Nordic design – to help you add a Scandinavian touch to your style.